Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I want to briefly share my experience last week from my next to the last R.I.M (residence in ministry) retreat. The retreat took place at a hotel in Orlando, and focused on improving productivity, teamwork, and communication using DiSC, (I am an I.D. in case you're wondering). I'll let you research DiSC.

I wish the test was more affordable and more folks could take it as it was very helpful for my peers and myself. I am thankful for all that the FL Conference has done to prepare Provisional Elders like myself. The retreats that they select, and/or create for us have all been beneficial both personally and for ministry. However, there was something special for me about this one. Maybe it's just where God wanted me to be? Maybe because our paper work for FE (full connection) was due the following week and mine was already turned in? In any case I feel that God used this assessment and learning in a very special way to help me make sense and process my style for behavior and leadership.

So for your encouragement: Remember God's timing is always right on time, and God's grace is always sufficient.